Conversation Etiquette: Look the person in the eyes when you speak to them.
Fact: As humans, our attention spans are narrowing, we tend to wander or at least want to.
Plug: Branded hats are a great way to win while the eyes wander.

Did we catch your attention?

Hats are everywhere

Hats are everywhere. I bet you can name 3 brands off the top of your head (no pun), and can remember what you liked about them. Add your brand to that list with EasyDisc hats. We offer a number of superior quality hat styles including snapbacks, skullcaps, beanies and more.

T-shirts, can you ever have too many? Didn’t think so!

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Indie musicians love EasyDisc t-shirts for a few good reasons:

  • – Superior quality t-shirts customized to match your brand’s persona
  • – Priced just right, so you can go big on the quantity
  • – Satisfaction guaranteed
  • – Quick turnaround times, free ground shipping and excellent customer service
  • – Need we say more?

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