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(Min: 50, Max: 20000) Replication 300 Min.
Eco Jacket
Jackets Only (No Discs)

Audio CD:

(one that plays on your standard stereo, and contains music separated by tracks)
can hold about 80 minutes worth of audio programming. (79 minutes, 59 seconds to be exact)

Data - CD-ROM:

A CD-ROM can also hold virtually any type of DATA you would like. A typical CD can hold up
to 700 MBs worth of DATA. This DATA could be PDFs, MP3s, Microsoft Word Documents,
Quicktime Movies, pretty much anything as long as you do not exceed the 700 MB limit.

KEEP IN MIND: Unlike your typical audio CD, that should be playable by anyone that has a
stereo or computer, the end recipient must have the program capable of opening the data on the

Simply putting your audio files (MP3, M4A, etc) onto a CD without authoring the disc to the
proper format will result in inconsistent playback across different devices.

Standard CD A round disc with a 120mm diameter and a capacity of 650 to 700 megabytes. That means approximately 74 to 80 minutes of audio or the data equivalent. It can be read on any standard computer's CD-ROM drive and is compatible with most up to date CD players. The discs we use have a maximum capacity of 700MB or about 80 minutes of music. Some of this space is used up with space between audio tracks on audio CDs or indexing information on data CDs.

To add up the total time of your audio tracks, add the time of all the individual tacks together and then add 2 seconds at the beginning of the disc and 2 seconds between each track, if you choose to do so, to your total. For data CDs, a general rule of thumb is to allow about 10 to 15 MB of space for indexing. So the maximum total size for files on our data discs is about 700 MB. In the event that the source files you submit to us do not fit on a disc, we will contact you.


A blank CD will not have any content duplicated/replicated to the disc, we will only print on the disc surface. These CDs will be ready to copy on your end.

Audio (80 Minutes)
Data (700 MB)

FULL COLOR DISC PRINTING - Vibrant full color on disc printing on a white base

COLOR ON SILVER - Vibrant full color on disc printing on a silver base

BLACK TEXT ON SILVER - Black text/line art printed on a silver base (no shades or gradients) 

Full Color
Color On Silver
Black Text On Silver

Shrinkwrap: Each case will be individually wrapped and sealed in shrinkwrap.

Tab Seal: A clear sticker that keeps your jackets, wallets and digipaks closed.

Shrink Wrap
  • Unless otherwise noted, business day ends at 4:00pm Pacific. The business day you place your order is considered day 0.
  • Please note if you place your order on Saturday/Sunday day 0 will be Monday. 
  • If you place your order after 4:00pm Pacific the following business day will be considered day 0.
  • Please note we do not ship on all major US holidays. 
  • Production days are business days Monday-Friday and do not include time for shipping. Please factor in shipping when you decide the production type that is best for you.



Standard 7 Days
Rush 5 Days
Rush 3 Days
Rush 2 Days
Rush 24 Hours

Matte- Jacket is dull finish,non-glossy with rough texture. (looks best with lighter colors, dark colors not recomended with this option)

Semi Gloss- Jacket has gloss coating, Non-UV. (standard option, looks best with all colors)

UV Gloss Coating- Jacket is protected with a clear UV coating that has a High Gloss finish. (super shiny, wet look)

Semi Gloss

If you're selling your project, whether in a store or with and online retailer, a UPC barcode is must-have. We'll supply you with a unique barcode that can be used for tracking your sales by any distributor, retailer, as well as SoundScan.

What is a UPC Barcode? A UPC (Universal Product Code) barcode is a unique 12 digit code that retailers can scan to track purchases. Every UPC code is unique and is not shared with any other products. The UPC bar code is typically placed on printed inserts of retail packaging, such as on the back of a CD jewel case tray card or on a DVD case insert.

Please use the below UPC barcode sample graphic to place in your artwork layout so our pre-press department will know where to position the barcode. Or you can place an empty white box for the UPC barcode at the size of 1.25in.(W) X 0.05in.(H) or 31.75mm(W) X 12.7mm(H). That is about 375(W) X 150(H) pixels at 300 DPI. We will then place the high resolution UPC barcode graphic in the layout before proofing your custom project.

Graphic for layout placement (300 DPI)
Right-click and "Save Image As..." to save the image to your computer.

Not Needed
I Need One
I Will Supply My Own


Items we will check:
1. Size - The artwork size is correct according to our printing specs.
2. Bleed - The artwork fills to the edges so there are no white borders.
3. Safe Area - Essential elements such as text and graphics are not in danger of being cut off.
4. Resolution – Are the images high quality? Was there any upscaling or change in resolution which will result in a low resolution, pixelated or blurry image?
5. Color mode - Will there be any major color-shifting during printing?
6. Template layers - Are the templates removed from the uploaded artwork and will they be printed on the final product?
7. UPC Barcode (if applicable) – If you order one we will place it on your artwork. If you already have one we will make sure it is located on a scannable surface (white background).

Items we do NOT check:
1. Spelling or typographical errors.
2. Audio Content - We do NOT listen to your audio so we will not check for pops, glitches, spacing, low quality files, etc.
3. Data Content - Please make sure your data functions as intended on the desired platforms (Windows, OSX).
4. DVD Content - We do not view for audio or video quality, menu functionality, format (NTSC or PAL), regions or encoding settings.

IMPORTANT: Issues discovered during a Prepress Review may add delays to your production time if they cannot be immediately resolved.

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Eco jackets fill us with nostalgia as these bring back the memories of the 60 s album covers. These eco jackets are light weight, ideal to be carried during travel or gigs and are cost effective. These are affordable to mail and are ideal for demos and promotions. Eco jackets fit in your budget and your brand also gets a positive recognition when used for promotional purpose.

Eco jackets are crafted with utmost detail and efficiency. We use vegetable based bio degradable ink which is easy on the environment. These eco friendly jackets may be cheaper than other packaging but look no less than a thousand bucks.

So if you are travelling for your next big gig and planning to give away your album to your fans, you need not to worry about spreading pollution, as these eco jackets does not create any.

Easy Disc has the fastest turnaround time. Our design team takes care of tiniest details and delivers immaculate designs. We prioritize customer satisfaction and are readily available for solving any query related to our products. We understand your business requirements, goals and consider your achievements in order to service you with the best.