Something about brochures that makes people
want to pick them up.

There’s something about brochures that makes people want to pick them up and take a
good quick glance right away. When strategically created, your brochure can be striking
enough to pick up and the messaging powerful enough to be remembered. Finding the
right balance of image and typography means your potential customers have access to
all the important promotional material about your products and services including your
contact information.

Brochures are a great marketing tool when you’re trying to reach a large number of
people in a short time frame. Great at conventions, exhibitions, trade shows, events and
can be successful when handed out in high traffic areas.

Did you know you can also add a QR code to your brochures which makes it easier for
people to scan the code and be directed to a web link of your choosing? Have a landing
page? Great! QR codes can convert potential customers to actual leads through
messaging that stands out in a crowd!

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