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Blu-Ray cases have a very sturdy design so as to accommodate the HD quality Blu-Ray discs. These cases come in their signature blue color, which can easily house up to 6 discs at a time. At Easy Disc we provide from 2 panel inserts to 16 panel booklet, depending on client's requirement. These cases are made up of polypropylene plastic which is recyclable.

Blu-Ray cases have their own charm which sets them apart from other optical media. The distinctive design of these cases is ideal for saving high definition quality media or projects. By choosing Blu-Ray cases to promote your brand, you are definitely going to leave the recipients impressed.

We provide custom printed Blu-Ray cases that includes full color printing. It has a centre push button hub that holds the Blu-Ray disc. If you do no store your high quality work in a high quality case, then it wouldn't be noticed. So store your high quality media in Blu-Ray cases.

At Easy Disc we strive to furnish our customers with the best of service.

We quote the most affordable prices and our efficient team is present round the clock to serve our valued customers.