Amaray Cases

Amaray Cases


Amaray cases are beefy and assured to keep your disc safe from wear and tear. Manufactured with satisfactory industry standards, Amaray cases are widely preferred by many. Since these cases possess industrial strength and are light weight at the same time, it is easier to ship Amaray cases and your DVDs will reach the destination without being tattered. You do not even have to do additional packaging with these cases. So, it is quite affordable to promote your business, brand or album with Amaray cases.

At Easy Disc, we provide light, shatterproof and reliable Amaray cases in black, white and clear. We manufacture cases that can store up to 12 discs in one case. We use vegetable based all natural inks to design the inserts in vibrant colors. You can get the inserts printed from both the sides, and we create the most wonderful designs for your business, which is sure to skyrocket your sales.

These cases have smart locking mechanism with which the disc comes out nimbly from the case. This way disc is prevented from getting scratches.

Easy Disc offers most competitive prices with quickest delivery. Amaray cases are easily portable and keep your discs away from dust and dirt.

Blu-Ray Cases

Blu-Ray Cases


Blu-Ray cases have a very sturdy design so as to accommodate the HD quality Blu-Ray discs. These cases come in their signature blue color, which can easily house up to 6 discs at a time. At Easy Disc we provide from 2 card inserts to 16 card booklet, depending on client's requirement. These cases are made up of polypropylene plastic which is recyclable.

Blu-Ray cases have their own charm which sets them apart from other optical media. The distinctive design of these cases is ideal for saving high definition quality media or projects. By choosing Blu-Ray cases to promote your brand, you are definitely going to leave the recipients impressed.

We provide custom printed Blu-Ray cases that includes full color printing. It has a centre push button hub that holds the Blu-Ray disc. If you do no store your high quality work in a high quality case, then it wouldn't be noticed. So store your high quality media in Blu-Ray cases.

At Easy Disc we strive to furnish our customers with the best of service.

We quote the most affordable prices and our efficient team is present round the clock to serve our valued customers.

Bulk Discs

Bulk Discs


Every year millions of CDs and DVDs are sold. Recording industry has kept the disc business alive till date. If an artist releases his music online, but does not have it on a CD/DVD it is not considered as a release. If you wish to order discs in bulk but not keen on buying with cover or case, we have the provision for our customers to order discs in bulk sans cover. Simply get your disc customized and get it with the simple and plain white paper sleeve or plastic sleeve or clam shell, which always remain in style.

At Easy Disc we keep in mind the budget and requirements of our esteemed customers and thus provide them with the most suitable business solutions. If you are associated with Church and want to give away discs to the members, simply order discs in bulk from Easy Disc, at affordable rates, without having to worry about the extra cost of covers or cases. Simply put it in paper or plastic sleeves or clam shells and you are good to go.

So if you are planning your next gig or a concert, simply place an order for bulk discs at Easy Disc, and we will furnish your with your order in no time. We assure 100% satisfaction as we only deliver good quality discs.




When it comes to disc packaging, digipaks is what pops in our head. In the recent times digipaks have gained lot of popularity because of its sturdy design, environmental friendly aspect and an inside plastic plate which holds the disc at its place. Artists nowadays are very conscious of the pollution that is created by non biodegradable packaging, especially after a music concert takes place. Many musicians have thus resorted to digipaks, as there is very little plastic used, and the card cover is eco friendly.

Easy Disc manufactures digipaks that are unique in every way. We provide up to two discs with our digipaks, if your content does not fit in one disc and it comes with a crystal clear plastic tray, which will keep the disc still. If customers wish to customize it their way, they can have pockets, booklets and even additional panels for their digipaks. Digipaks are impactful and leave a long lasting impression.

With digipaks the artwork goes straight in the hands of clients. Easy Disc is known for its versatility in designing the fine quality digipaks which leave the customers in awe. We offer the most competitive prices with the fastest turnaround time.

DVD Style Digipaks

DVD Style Digipaks


Musicians prefer discs for promoting their music and they choose exclusively designed disc covers. DVD style digipaks are a great way to promote music and are very popular in the music industry. Since it has a gate fold arrangement, it can have 4 and 6 panels, which is enough space to include track lists, credits, some bonus feature, special content, etc. DVD style digipaks are made from paperboard or card stock with a clear plastic tray to keep the disc at one place.

At Easy Disc the artwork on digipaks is created with great craftsmanship, which includes photo of the artist, or music industry or record company logo, or whatever our esteemed customer demands. DVDs have the best sound and picture quality, and if DVDs are given away in digipaks, it increases the selling point. We serve our clients with extraordinary and very special artwork, which is sure to skyrocket their sales.

You can customize special or limited edition digipaks for your fans or customers, by including some unseen or behind the scenes footage. We at Easy Disc are considerate in providing our customers with quirky yet fresh artwork for their brand or label. Our team of professionals is always on their toes to serve the customers with the very best.

We offer the most competitive prices for our DVD style digipaks.

Eco Jackets

Eco Jackets


Eco jackets fill us with nostalgia as these bring back the memories of the 60 s album covers. These eco jackets are light weight, ideal to be carried during travel or gigs and are cost effective. These are affordable to mail and are ideal for demos and promotions. Eco jackets fit in your budget and your brand also gets a positive recognition when used for promotional purpose.

Eco jackets are crafted with utmost detail and efficiency. We use vegetable based bio degradable ink which is easy on the environment. These eco friendly jackets may be cheaper than other packaging but look no less than a thousand bucks.

So if you are travelling for your next big gig and planning to give away your album to your fans, you need not to worry about spreading pollution, as these eco jackets does not create any.

Easy Disc has the fastest turnaround time. Our design team takes care of tiniest details and delivers immaculate designs. We prioritize customer satisfaction and are readily available for solving any query related to our products. We understand your business requirements, goals and consider your achievements in order to service you with the best.